No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-06-02 14:13:23 (UTC)

Get up and free yourself from yourself


this weekend sucked!

at least i didnt hafta walk next to HIM at grad. ...I
had to walk w.Ryan Eubanks instead. and Summer was
actually kinda nice to me. lol. by the time we went up on
stage i had to pee soo bad! did summer and
rachel. chief came up and hugged me before i went on stage
and then when Kristina hugged me she knocked my hat off
lol. after, we came back here and got drunk.

this is where it gets crappy again...

idk whats wrong the last few times i got drunk it
made me sick. well...not 'got drunk'-drank. last sunday,
me and angie drank a lil bit...i think i wrote about that.
and after grad. i had some Belvedere and some Rum&Coke
{yum!}. normally i have so much fun drinking. i had a
headache after grad. but i didnt take any pills bc i didnt
feel like getting all fucked up taking pills & drinking so
i just stuck to drinking. i figured it would go away if i
was having fun or something but then later i started
feeling really sick. i think i almost puked. i wasnt even
that drunk...and ive never thrown up from drinking before.
i didnt even remember about it till Sunday. it was so
wierd. i wonder y. ugh.

hahaha...Annes info:
Alan-I miss you so much!:-*
*I Like Alan!*

i havent talked to him in a while.

i wanna go shopping today. i got a $100 gift certificate
to Circuit City and $25 for Walmart...i need stuff for my
apartment :) lol. and i need to pick up my paycheck.
jeez...i shoulda done that Fri before grad. or even
Sat. ...or not since i slept in till 3 lol.

my subprofile wont work for some reason. thats so not
cool. [Error: Invalid ID] ...not cool at all!

well Silverstone is really annoying me and noone good is
online so imma get off the computer. buhbye.


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