Joy's Online Journal
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2003-06-02 13:19:35 (UTC)


I had a nice weekend for a change, though its over now.
Donahue and I took Langan to the reptile show in
Birmingham on saturday. He didn't really enjoy it all that
much, but I had a good time. There wasn't a whole lot to
the show this time, but I had fun just talking with Kelly
Swift for a while. I got to watch his table while he went
and looked at was a neat experience. I got a
bunch of new spiders, 63 to be exact. I also bought a nice
amelanistic corn snake and a Columbian redtail boa. I
can't wait until the boa gets nice and big. He's a very
sweet tempered snake. My female ghost corn snake is
getting fairly big too, she's near 26 inches long now, and
is in shed, too.

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