The crazy world of me
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2003-06-02 08:38:11 (UTC)

Hey all!!

Hey what is going on with you guys. I have people at my
house at the moment so this might not be to long. So all
that drama that is going on with Doug and Judy is kind of
over. Judy found out and she wasn't mad at me but she
wants nothing to do with him for real. I think that she
was just waiting for an exscuse to leave him well at least
thats my opinion. Oh but he said that he is not going to
talk to any of us but Sean. That okay but obviously he is
a liar because he was talking to Jaime and Jake like
nothing ever happened and Jake is the one that told Judy.
But I am for real not even caring.

But I am not for real sure what is going on with Ricky
and myself but there is something going on there but I am
not sure what it is. I wrote him an e-mail so I guess that
I will see what he has to say about it. But for real I am
going to go. Bye all!!!