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2003-06-02 08:09:23 (UTC)

Harmonica 101: Toot That Horn

holy overheating from heater thats right beside me on the
floor right now batman! my dad's becoming heater obsessed
again but what can you now that my harmonica
playing has went up three notches i can safely say that i
kick harmonious i have to take a crap right now
again for the 4th time today (thanks intestines!) but
first i have questions:

Why is Natalie's Journal Blocked?
Why does Ray have Spanish Anus Rectum Syndrome?
Why is Alex having dream sex with me that cheating bastard
especially on his one month anniversary?
Why does Aldirto have oily skin?
Why is Jonoton really secretly gay?
Why is my marsupial pouch staring back at me and
threatening me with legal action?

I think those are all the questions I have for today. I
just wasted two hours of my life playing Acrophobia with
DickSnatchez. I think everybody owes me thiry three
dollars for getting them addicted to that game.

Oh yeah I had two and a half meatless burgers today! And
Mikayla likes my harmonica that little skank of a niece!

On to more serious issues like when am I gonna get laid
kids???? Its been 4 months!!!! 4 months!!!! what's
that Jann? 4 MONTHS you say??? dearest vishnu i need
sex...and you know what that means right? im totally not
getting laid until april 13 sex please and now
and like right now sexual tension meter (not
the one I share with Ray...Im talking about my general
sexual tension meter) is at 234%. you know what that
means? it means that watching oprah winfrey bend over
makes me really horny and i wanna fuck her fourteen times
while martha stewart licks my choda! mmmm martha choda

ok im off to seems thats the only place i have
chris sanchez sex with a big hunk of cheese on endless
stairs after i makeout with alex on a car in front of
andrew and then alex gets mad on a bus ride to nowhere
that he cheated on andrew and i say "oh yeah don't worry k
bye there's chris sanchez and hes holding a big ole hunk o
cheese and im getting laid on endless
stairs"...surprisingly ray is nowhere to be found...maybe
if i didn't wake up the endless stairs would've brought me
and chris to ray and natalie and we would've made walrus-
squirrel-koala-emu babies and then have alex meet us after
his depressing bus ride to nowhere and he can talk on his
cell phone to andrew and apologize for cheating on him
while baptising our new inbred baby!