Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-09 03:56:57 (UTC)


so.. Matt sends me this "quiz your friends" thing today. I
took one on him... yeah.. I got 2 outta 10 right.
Apparently I have no idea who Matt Eby is. haha:) But it's
ok, I sent him one on me.. and he got 4 outta 10 right.
So.. does that mean, he knows me twice as good as I know
him? haha

I had to close at work today. Amanda called in sick.
Today.. my favorite little boy, Logan, did the nicest
thing. The kids were all playing and gettin out the toys
and stuff to play with.. and someone knocked over the big
bucket of sidewalk chalk and spilled it ALL over the floor.
I got so mad and I ask them who spilled it. None of them
fessed up. They all just sat there. So, I had to get mean
with them.. and I said "If no one tells me who did it, then
we'll all sit here and be quiet and not play". So, Logan
comes over to me and goes "I didnt spill it, but I'll pick
it up cause I dont want to have to sit and be quiet."
Awww.. my little heart broke. So.. after Logan finished
cleaning up the chalk.. all by himself, I ask him to come
over and I told him that just for that.. He gets a sucker
tomorrow. "Ok!" His eyes lit up... and he smiled.