lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-06-02 05:41:56 (UTC)

does it explode?

if you're on the verge of melancholy, don't stay in your house all
day and read the book "raisin in the sun" and watch "the great
gatsby". they're horribly depressing reminders that 95% of the
world is living for nothing and those of us who have the answers
do nothing to help. ugh. i hate myself for being stagnant.

i love life because it's just blooming full of possibilities...but they're
all those possibilities that have to wait until you're older. if i had a
better head on my shoulders, i'd be depressed. helpless, even.
but i still have the slightest grasp on the idea that things will get
better...haha...i've been trying to explain it and no one believes
me...but i honestly believe that if we're all not so selfish, things are
bound to look up.

i'm musing at a lot of things...but think about this...if you don't know
what's going on, it's impossible to care. you can pretend to care,
but until there's a tangible thing to care for, it doesn't matter at all.
any efforts to care are worthless until you're caring about
something that matters. i talk in circles and the story always
sounds the same...bless ambiguity.

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