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2003-06-02 05:17:56 (UTC)

damn it feels good

i feel content, good, happy, etc. this feeling has
happened only a few times in my life. its the few times in
my life when someone actually cares for me. i mean i know
all my friends and family care for me but this is
different. he is the only guy that has really ever
complemented me besides relatives and all. but its not only
the feeling i get from him, i like the feelings i have for
him too. its weird how feelings of sadness can be good. i
was sad not to see him, but that just makes me feel better
when i will. the striving to be with the person you care
about is an awesome feeling i believe. i think about him
all then time, and miss him when we aren't together. all
these thigs are great feelings and i hope to have them for
a long time.