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2003-06-02 04:23:45 (UTC)

Another Day, Another Dollar...

God, I'm sick of Phantom already... just got the schedule
for next week and I hardly work with Heather at all! And I
have, like, MORNING SHIFTS! (EW!) I suppose that's alright,
because I'll be done earlier and it's less busy then, so I
can read and do stuff, but... damnit, I don't get to sleep
in and I don't get to work with Heather! Fuckers! We did
have some fun tonight though; Angie and Miranda are
organizing the production of T-shirts to deal with the
constant barage of stupid questions we recieve on a daily
basis (do you have M-80s? Why can PA residents come in?
etc). It's a simple tie-dyed t-shirt, one the front
reading "FU" (for Fireworks University) STAFF, and then on
the back in HUGE letters "NO!!...." then underneath "but
thanks for asking!" I think it's great! We're also going to
use some old jeans and make them all worn, then sew patches
with stars and stripes on them. Plus we're all looking for
accessories for July 4th, like wacky sunglasses and
bandanas and shit. PLUS Angie's going to hold a kegger at
her house after the 4th and this time I'm invited... I
think. Fun stuff! Not that I'm really a drinker or
anything... but it's nice to be included.

My dad severely got on my nerves today. He keeps insisting
that I never wake up until 4 PM, when I wake up at 10:30 am
all the time (unless I work morning shifts, then it's 8
am). He doesn't BELIEVE ME!!! Then we passed a car lot and
he pointed out a nice car and asked my opinion. So Bryan
got all defensive and demanded to know if I was getting a
new car, which Dad replied that I was going to make due
with Multi (my Taurus) for another year. I said fine, I
really didn't care, I'd take it to Baltimore with me for
Otakon. When I explained Otakon was an anime convention, he
ranted that it was the stupidest thing he's ever heard of.
Mom pushed it off as a "once in a lifetime deal." Why can't
my parents just accept that I am the person that I am?

At least I got treated to lunch and got a new bedspread and
the latest PSM magazine. K-Mart has some really good cheap
DVDs! It's great! I gotta go back!

Well, some more personal stuff going on, but I'll comment
on that at a later date. Stuff to do you know...
Comment/leave me a message! Ta ta!

Squeakity squeak squeakers.