No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-06-01 23:33:22 (UTC)

Worried...but worrying does nothing

I'm kinda worried about a friend....I just dont want this
person to end up hurt and abandoned like all the rest. I
know this person is being's so obvious and I know
from word of the person who is using him. He's liked her
for a long time and she has been nothing but mean to him,
then, she decides now that school is over he wont be
embarassing and she'll get with him. But, from what she has
told me, I know he is being used. He'll see it eventually
and come to his senses, before any damage is done. I doubt
it will happen though...oh well. Whatever. Not much I can
do but sit back and be here for him when he needs me. I
dont want to point it out, he's happy, I hope. I dont want
to hurt him or make him mad at me...that's ok. I'll figure
this out...