"Day-z H"
2003-06-01 19:23:16 (UTC)

"In My Own Lil World" June 1st, 2003

I can't remember the last time I cried.
I almost miss the tears.

Maybe I have grown cold inside.
Maybe my own emotions are what I fear.

I can feel love and I can feel rage.
But do I express them well.

Maybe I hide inside my own cage.
Maybe I am my own hell.

sick of bitching lately...lol i've noticed that is what i
been doing on this thing. i could have it worse...i know i
could so i will shut up now.

wonder what will happen today. i haven't been able to fall
asleep well at night lately...so my days are back to
starting after noon again. good times :) ! :p! i can leave
with my dad tomorrow and go to IL...but I have already made
up my mind. I am gonna pass that up. that is 2 weeks outta
summer...with family...who don't really like me. i think i
would have a better time here in BFE...! i was told though
i gotta start stayin home mondays and tuesdays this
summer...because my mom is home then...guess she misses me
sometimes...lol...hey babe you were right...no matter how
old you are...your mom still thinks you're a lil
kid...that's okay though...that still leaves me Wed-
Sun....just if i gotta stay home mondays and
tuesdays...best not be to sit around by myself and
clean...lol...i really haven't been awake today for to
long....just bs around on this thing...but i think i am
gonna take a bubblebath (sorry i'm a freak) and wake up...