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2003-06-01 02:21:50 (UTC)

Confused Love

By Racheal Kinslow

You take my hand
You tell me this is for real
You say that you love me
You want to know how I feel

I tell you I love you
I hold you in my heart
Ill never leave you
I want us to never be apart

The phone rings
and I pick up the phone
The coldness in your voice
Chills me to the bone

Tears stream down my face
we're almost before we began
I thought you loved me
You make my heartache like no one else can

Weeks went by
Passing like years
I miss You so bad
Just count my tears

You walked back in my life
I thought it would be our 2nd chance
To forget all the just
A part of heaven I caught a glance

But pain still floods my soul
Loneliness submerges my being
the ugly face of the unjust
laughs at me for not seeing

Baby I'll never let you go
Ill always be waiting
Your hand I will hold again
But life...I'll be hating

Written By Racheal Michelle Kinslow