My life, one big sarcastic story
2003-06-01 01:31:14 (UTC)

the 1 thing thats really missing...

i know i havent been here to write i my diary in a long
time. i know that sux and that i should have lots to say,
but the truth is pretty much sumed up easily.
not a whole heck of a lot happens in my life.
the only thing that is now constantly changing is the guy i
like every 2 weeks. first of all thats sad. i cant believe
i like a new guy like every couple of weeks. what the hell?
now im even getting made fun of for it, not by ne one, oh
no, just my BEST FRIENDS! well personally i dont think its
fair for me, or the guy if he ever knew.(which most of them
dont.) I'm one of those people that doesnt NEED a guy, i
just really really want one! haha. i have friend thats are
so DEPENDENT on guys, that its aboslutely crazy... I'm more
of one of those ppl who doesnt always want to be alone. ya
know theres that difference of being with your friends and
then being with someone truly special. i noticed that means
a lot to me, but thats the only thing that is really
missing in my life.
so as of now i like some guy, cute smart...etc. but i'm
sure this dumb crush will just go away like the others in a
short time. but i know i dont want ne of these crushes to
end. I want something to happen. I know they are called
crushes for a reason, cause when they end they really do
crush you, but sometimes the pain is a bit much. almost
like you have to let go but you dont want to.
sometimes i wonder if there really is someone out there for
me. if so will i ever find them?