2003-05-31 23:13:00 (UTC)



so i have been exploring something that i haven't even
looked at for a looong time... the T.V. the saddest thing
about tv is that i realize i have flipped through every
channel at least three times, and i continue to flip
through, as if there will be something more interesting
the next time through, when amazingly, nothing..... there
is nothing. and even worse, when i do find something that
seems partly interesting, i end up turning the television
off feeling dumber than i ever did before i watched it. i
honestly can begin to understand why people get addicted
to such a strange little box. it can completely take away
ur thoughts from anything important and/or relevant, and
give u a blank head. forgetting all ur worries for the
moment, as u wait to see if rachael and ross finally get
together, or who will be the best survivor, or if the next
player will win the jackpot on the wheel of fortune. what
more could a person really ask for? entertainment for
hours right in ur local living room, or for most people,

sometimes, though, television can be very refreshing,
especially when watching shows like MTV's realworld where
the most beautiful people in the world act like complete
idiots. it kinda makes u happy that ur booty is a size
too big as long as u are normal and have a conscious.

ok, that is probably enough t.v. bashing for now, and
there is really nothing wrong w/ t.v.... if taken
moderately, so not to become a t.v.binger, or t.v.aholic,
and if the sun is shining, it is probably a better idea to
take a walk and enjoy the most beautiful of creations
instead of the most mind-numbing. just a thought ;)