forever changing
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2003-05-31 22:38:13 (UTC)

so much shit in just one month

well within the last month i have bee through so much shit
it isn't even funny but its all goin somewhat ok at the
moment.the other day ashley and mike got into a fight she
said he was stealing me and all this shit so now i am
making sure i include her in my life because i know she
likes to feel like she is there for me and i know she is.
mike had mentioned that i was thinking of getting a depo
shot and so when i called her4 today i told her yea i know
that mike mentioned this to you but i was thinking maybe on
thursday i could go over to his house and so i could go get
the shot and i told her that i wanted her to come with me
and she sounded really happy that i asked her and said she
would so now i just have to be able to go over to his house
thursday which should be no prob since it is the last day
of school. i am really nervous about this whole shot thing
it is kinda freaking me out and i don't want to tell mike
that because he will think that i am not ready and that he
is forcing me to do stuff when he rteallly isn't but i am
still kinda nervous. but it is all goin to be fine. it
really will.
i love him. yep i have now admited it now. i reallly do.
and he loves me too so i guess it is all ok. i have never
gotten this much crap for goin out with anyone before, my
mom thinks he is "ok" my dad hates him but fuck my dad,
tessa doesn't like us goin out then all the shit wiht
ashley all the crap with j-me and jaleen and alll that crud
but with him it doesn't bother me all that annoys me is
that people can't see that we are happy together yea we are
very differeent in a lot of ways but we work well together
and we trust eachother that is what matters!
i taked to my dad and my mom wants to set up a time to get
together with him before the end of next week errrrrrrrr
not looking forward to that butr you know what if nothing
else i will just not go over there i can maintain
a "relationship" with that man but i am not goin to put
myself in that position again, the position where i have to
deal with him and have no way to leave the situation and i
will not do that again
well i am goin to go now
bye bye

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