lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-05-31 17:41:43 (UTC)


ahh my life is in a little hurricane right now. i mean i'm huuugely
stoked about everything. but if i don't write some of this down my
brain will stop working:

summer is so close. five days or something? yeah. monday is
boring. tuesday i have two finals plus youth group. wednesday i
have only one final and nothing for the rest of the day. thursday i
have one final (then i'm officially a senior), then i have to stick
around for graduation practice, and then i get to go to civic
tour...ahh so i need to find out what time we're leaving. the next
day is graduation. that's all this week!! AHH!

then the next two weeks i'm working..luckily that should pay off at
least my ticket if not most of my traffic school. doing whatever else
comes along...sounds like fun, huh? i'll be stoked to get this ticket
out of the way, cuz it's a big hassle not driving anywhere. and it's a
bigger hassle sitting around and feeling my irresponsibility poking
me in the eyeball. ow.

oh and i have to get my ticket changed...because the guy wrote
that i was 18 so he has my case sent to superior instead of
juvenile...and supposedly if it went to juvenile they'd be easier on
me...even though i won't be around for my court date either way,
cuz we'll be in new mexico. yay.

and i've been watching surf girls a lot lately and i'm so stoked for
hawaii...haha if that makes any sense...but i need to be a surf girl.
err something.

aaaand i got all those papers for hume...and am envisioning the
shopping trips, the crazy ride up there, the early morning runs, the
little adventures we always have, the awesome speakers, the
cabin talks that make everyone cry, the lame guys we always end
up meeting and stalking...ahh i cannot wait.