All That I Am
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2003-05-31 17:36:18 (UTC)

Man Patrol

I'm feeling kinda frisky today. It's been awhile since
I've "luved myself" (a phrase I use instead of this too much info?) and every guy who
walks by is looking so damn hot right now. Usually we're
talking about at least 2 times a day but I haven't done it's because I was at my mum's
house yesterday and obviously it's not going to happen over
there. I usually tell Tina or Nichole about my daily hot
guy spottings but since I can't call them right now, I'm
just going to have to write/type it down in here. There
have been 3 or 4 guys that keep walking by that have booty
to spare! My god. Now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about a
guy's body. Head to toe, it's all good but I have 3 vices:
eyes, lips, and ass. If a guy has nice eyes then I'm
hooked. Blue used to be my favorite but then I've seen some
gorgeous green and hazel eyed guys too. Full lips are definitely a
turn on too. I'm attracted
mainly to caucasian men and a lot that I've seen don't
really have big/full lips so when I see one that does, I'm
instantly attracted (usually). It's all about the booty though. The
ones I've seen today....goodness...there's just no words for
them. Scott Foley, who played Noel on "Felicity" and was the bad guy
in "Scream 3", now he's a full package guy because he has hazel/green
eyes and some big ole lips and a nice booty. Okay I need to change
the subject before this goes X-rated. Come to think of it arms and
chest are sexy too....okay think of women! Think of women! Better
now, roflmao!!

This is my last day of work at CTC. I'm kinda happy to be
done with this because I need more money. Not because I'm
struggling to pay rent or anything...just because I'm one
spoiled, greedy bastard, lol. I'm looking into trading in
my old ass car for a newer one but I don't think I'll get
much for it and I don't have money right now for a down
payment. Anywho....what's going to suck about me leaving
this job is that I'm not going to be able to write my
journal entries for awhile because I have no computer at
home. I should be getting a big payday on June 16 though so
I'm debating whether or not to buy a computer...looking at
Dell right now. I guess we'll see. Hmmmm....well, I guess I
didn't really have much to talk about besides,
sexy, delicious, men.....okay I need to go now, lol! Later.