hello kitty cat
2003-05-31 16:22:39 (UTC)

once again...

Last night I went to hang out with Mike..we went to Kerby
Lane....everything was fine until good ol Jess comes up and
starts yappin about how *HE* was responsible for the
breakup between Erik and I know that's
bullshit, I know Erik didn't care about Candice being
young, he wanted to marry the girl--but she didn't like him
enough to see him every day--or 2 times a week for that
matter..he said he explained to Erik that she was just way
too young...
So of course...Mike and I are sitting there...15 years
apart..Jess has no fucking clue...he also makes a comment
about how all the art around us is crap..etc..etc..

and Mike says something to the extent of "see we are too
far apart in age---you heard it from someone other than

Yes, I heard it from Jess the born again Churchy...whom
also said all the art around us sucks.

I don't ever expect to be in a serious relationship
w/Mike...or end up with him...or anything of the sort.
First of all he has himself convinced that relationships
are temporary (whether temporary be months, years...stlil
temporary)..and I don't feel that way. He can write it off
to "teenagers thinking they know everything"---but I think
it's closer to the other way around.

It just upsets me because here he is supposed to be my best
friend and he is sitting there---putting me down for being
young. Something I coudlnt' change even if I wanted to. I
find it pretty insulting that he can't even get past the
fuckign fact that I'm're not supposed to try and
make your best friends feel uncomfortable about who they
are...but I have to go to I'll continue my
bitching and moaning later.