Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-05-31 15:35:16 (UTC)

rock vs. roll

Bring on the rock and let out the roll!

OK so I have been either really slack or reall busy

I'm going with busy

Last night I rearranged my chica's room, burned cd's, made
a cake, and went shopping.

the rest of my weekend will exist of work, a show (ours)
and church....the rest is rest.

I haven't been to work on time in a week maybe 2

NY in 2 weeks..

other things that have happened????...I have written songs,
colored, had my ups and downs.

got our music video back and it's funny

i guess thats it but I must go get ready for work

Much Love,
cd- Starflyer 59 / Old (go listen to this)
movie- Bruce almighty (go see this)
book - it will be the same for a while