My Little World
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2003-05-31 12:59:35 (UTC)


Ok, guess what day it is.... 'Saturday' GOOD JOB! Ok, now
guess where i am....'At Home' NOPE sorry that was the wrong
answer the correct answer is AT SCHOOL......NO ONE IS
worst possible thing to even happen!!!! GOING TO SCHOOL
ON SATURDAY!! i just dont believe it! i woke up this
morning and was like, Good it is finally Saturday i can
sleep in:) BUT NO!!!!!!!!!! I HAD TO GET UP AND COME TO
FREAKIN' SCHOOL... school is the devil i tell you all!!

Ok, well now i feel better!! not 100% better, but
defintally better:) so yeah... we only have to go for half
a day and then Allen is picking me up from school! and we
are going to go see Finding Nemo today!!! i am so
pumped!! And i feel to important too because i
am "Shaperoning" my little brother and his friends:)
because one of his friends mother doesnt feel comfortable
with her going with a bucn of guys!! So yeah...but that
is ok, we were going to see it this weekend anyways, so why
not go and help someone out? There, that is my good deed
for the day:):) haha!! well, i have 10 minutes left of
this class....Then i go to French, we are doing something
fun:) then i have to go to BLOODY MATH CLASS! i think we
are actually having a class today for math! that sucks!
but then i go to Chorus, but we are just getting our awards
for that so that is going to be really really easy! so
yeah, really easy day, i just dont want to be here at
all!!! but that is ok! well, i am ganna go!! I'll write
again later!!! Later All!!!

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