Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-05-31 08:23:44 (UTC)

Thoughts, discourses, musings...


A man in charge rambling on,
that old forbidden road into the dark,
'Take my hand,' he pleases himself to say,
'and don't be afraid,' he lets on himself today.

A churly old man he is to seem,
by that deafening peal there is to be heard,
of a clanging bell somewhere in his distance,
that told the flocks of feathers to ruffle away in this

Where for art I, I muse. I'd forgotten the chains that I
lay, where each link was carefully wrought, to ensnare you
into my trap, to gather souls for the taking, to feel the
tremble that resides in your heart.

Seek not the esteem of men, they may say, nor the glory of
the world's honor. Lie instead in a humble heart, and act
with perfect humility, as you walk within a humbling care,
and devote your services perfectly, and contritely.

'Tis a new day....

....and glory to it, it seems.

Fantastical, maniacal, this new day hopes to be with me threece,

and so, without much further ado, off to bed, I do.

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