hello kitty cat
2003-05-31 05:30:41 (UTC)

no phone.shoot me in the face.

So earlier today (3ish) I got a new cellphone..and it's not
working yet (it is now 12:30 AM) fucked up is that?
They didn't bother to tell me it could take up to 24 hours
to be I am phone-less. I saw my friend
Chelsea (who lives in Washington DC) earlier today---I had
no clue she was in town..I just saw her by chance..she said
she had been calling me...but of course my fucking phone
doesn't work. Stevey called Stephanie earlier wanting to
know if we could come over..I talked to him..he siad he's
been calling my phone since this afternoon...and thought
that I had disconnected my phone....and then he had to run
around and find Stephanie's of course he
wanted me to come over...I obviously didn't (Stephanie did)
because I'm chilling with Mike tonight..and I have to work
8 hours tomorrow yes. So I am waiting for
him to get off work..hoping I will arrive at his house
after he has..or at least at the same time as he
will...having no phone fucking sucks. Fuck this shit. I am
a phone/internet is TRUE.