hello kitty cat
2003-05-31 03:25:41 (UTC)

live for today

Well...I spent the earlier part of well as last
night hanging out with Mike. I always enjoy his company. I
came home to find Stephanie and Victor...we ended up going
out a few places..Victors friend came over because
Stephanie thought she had locked her keys in her trunk..but
really..she dropped them in her back seat....Victor's
friend ended up wanting to take me out tonight...but I told
Mike I was gonna buy him that's the plan
tonight. I don't know if I'm ever gonna go out w/that other
guy. That's one thing about Mike....if one of his other
girls call (and me and Mike were supposed to hang out) and
want to hang out w/him, he'll cancel on me to chill w/them.
I will blow off people SO I can hang out with him....I have
never canceled on him like he does me...although he hasn't
done it lately. He doesn't even cancel though, he just
does'nt pick's been a while though since it's
happened so I'm not even gonna worry about it. It's not
like it used to be between us anyway. I'll tell you though,
I love to see him smile.