for show and tell
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2003-05-30 23:03:24 (UTC)


I don't care about all you damn despressed, pessimistic
people, I'm so fucking happy now.

Judas said that she loves me because I piss her off, and
she said I don't waste words. I'm not sure what that
means, but I guess it means I say just the right thing
without rambling.

Samm IMed me yesterday, and I was happy. I showed him my
picture, and he called me a sick individual because we
look so alike. I know it. It's bad. But I was so relieved
and happy when his IM window popped up, and then he
said 'Ahh, I like talking to you'. I was so ecstatic.

Val has created her KH character, and I put her into a
funny comic. I'm happy I could, because I really love to
draw, and I like it when I make people laugh and feel good
when I draw for them. I want to create a KH character to
mingle with her's, too.

And I've been obsessed with Deep Dive and whatnot, and it
feels great. I know, obsession is bad, and I know that
it'll go away eventually, but I like being obsessed. I
love treasuring things and being happy. It's my only

I also got Send Me An Angel from Real Life, who are
apparently, the ones who did the original. It's a pretty
song. Glad I like it.

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