malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
2003-05-30 20:51:00 (UTC)

sloshy up, lewdies....

i'm waiting for my next past to begin.... in reality living

in the present is impossible, present is everchanging hence

becoming the past before a moment is over. we are either

thinking ahead or living in the past, i'd live in the past.

nostalgia and all that starry raskazz has me hooked... i'm

guilty of innocence and pleading the fifth... i messel

a dorogy malchick and its killing me... and my writing

hasn't helped, writers block or somethin; a real strack, see?

when i try to write how i feel, the words

that exist escape me... pony?? i mean, my droogs are so

caught up in their own jeeznies, that they don't take a

horrorshow look at mine, i guess i'm being selfish... its

just making me real oddy knocky, pony? i spoogy being stuck

in a crowd because i hate people somethin' awful, but it

isn't polezny to be alone all the time. my really

horrorshow droog, a great koshka, hasn't been around, and i guess i'm

kinda razdraz... oh well, that's jeezny.


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