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2003-05-30 19:44:43 (UTC)

Read This Everyone

Ok, seeings how everyone is getting their yearbooks and
everything, i am going to put down in here some "yearbook"
stuff!!! Now i will try to get to everyone, but i forget
you, just leave me a message and i will come back in and
feel like i like one person better than the other Here Goes

Allen: Hey Bucko...:) You are everything to me did you
know that? Well, you are! you are my missing half that
some people search for forever! I love you so much more
than anything in my life Allen!! YOU ARE MY LIFE! Thank
you for being you and letting me love you! i cant wait
until the day that i get to be with you forever!! Thank
you for loving me through everything! its only been 4
months, But that is long enough for me to know that i want
to be with you forever!!! I love you so much Allen!!!
never EVER forget that!
Ash: SIS Hey! i've known you for a long time and i cant
believe that we are going go be juniors! you at school, me
here!! i am going to miss you guys alot next year!!
Thanks for always listeing to me and my problems! you
always understood what i was going through!!! Thanks for
always being there for me!!!! and if allen and i ever
need a lawyer, you are the first one we are ganna call (or
if for some strange reason we need a CSI person! haha)
Yeah thanks for everything!
Lauren: LP! haha! Yeah in middle school we had our
differences, but that is what makes us US! we got through
them and came out stronger than we were before! I want to
thank you too for always listening to me when i needed to
vent and just blow off some steam! Thanks for caring
enough to give me some good advice too! Hopefully i will
be able to return the favor some time!!! Please dont lose
touch (you either ash!) next year when i am going! i would
miss you guys to much!! YOU ARE GUYS HAVE TO BE MY WEDDING
Yeah things have been great!
Dan:BIG DAN! haha i couldnt help it! Thanks for just being
you! you always make me laugh and put me in a good mood!!
haha!!! Sorry if yours isnt as long as Ashley's and
Laurens, but i missed out on some years when you moved to
PI when i was still in Westfield!!! But that's ok!! you
are soo funny and i am ganna miss ya next year!!
Casey: (I think i actually spelled your name right) haha
you are so funny!! i am really really glad that you are
my friend!!! you just seem to fit with us (however
strange we might all be!) But you are so funny and i am
ganan miss you!!!
Well, that is all for now!! write me if i missed you!!!!

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