Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2003-05-30 18:07:28 (UTC)


Men are so easy... All you have to do is kiss them the
right way. Kiss, bite, scratch, press yourself against
them and let them think that they are in control. Once
they are incredibly turned on, they will do anything you
want them to.

I spent the night over Matthew's last Saturday. On
Sunday after he got home from work we were lying in
his bed, listening to the album Bitter Suites to Succubi
by Cradle of Filth, and he slept while I lay in his arms
listening to Dani's ethereal voice.

Yeah, Matthew came back from work and we started to
go back to sleep. I couldn't sleep (I hardly ever can), so
I put my hand on his chest and started running my
fingers along his (very ticklish ^_^) body. I could tell he
was enjoying it, so I lightly ran my sharp fingernails
along his stomach and back. Then my tongue... and I
bit him.

Matthew rolled on top of me and started kissing me,
but I don't want him in control. I can't stand not being in
control... Plus I wanted blood. I craved the taste of
blood in my mouth, but I knew I couldn't have it. I didn't
actually want it from Matthew either, I wanted Sonny's
blood. When we were together, I never got the chance
to drink of him...

Anyways, Matthew was on top of me and I ran my
fingernails softly across his back again. Then I raked
my fingernails across his back. Hard enough to inflict a
small amount of pleasure/pain, but not hard enough to
draw blood. Then I started sucking on his neck (which
he LOVES).

I rolled him off of me so that I was on top, and I
scratched his chest. Then, when he was at the point
where if he didn't have me he'd die, I said, "Matt, get up
and change the CD. It's over."

He did, and I could tell what he was thinking. I could
read his mind. I told him to just put in anything
because I truly didn't care, and he was still unsure. He
was staring at one CD, and I could see through his
eyes. He was looking at Mechanical Animals, and I
said, "Matthew, just put it on. Put on Mechanical
Animals." And he said, "I was just looking at it!" And I
said, "I know..." with a playful/sly smile on my face.

Either way, I can get anything I want from guys. But
only when I'm in the mood for blood. Otherwise I
wouldn't share my secrets or misuse my knowledge. I
know that I could do worse things with my "powers"
than what I -do- do with them.