2003-05-30 17:13:38 (UTC)

gingerbread people

last year, at a lighthouse bible study, kendra talked
about gingerbread people, where you cut out a little
construction gingerbread person and write on them. Now
these aren't just any people, and what u write on them
isn't just anything.... One crazy nite this past
semester, sara wessel and myself sat down and created our
own gingerbread people. i have two, a gingerbread man,
that happens to be purple with striped pants, and on him i
have written "my husband" and all over him i have written
all the qualities that i am looking for in my "ideal"
husband, many of them are broad and some are quite
specific. now, i don't think it would be fair to name
them all on here, but a few... as an example... "smiles
alot....taller than i am....gentleman..." and many more
that only the privelaged can read. Of course, i
understand that no one is perfect, or can fit the perfect
mold of my "ideal" husband. but i think it is important
to keep in mind what u should be looking for, and what u
want. I also use my gingerbread "husband" as a reminder
to be praying for him and that God is bringing him up to
be the husband that suits me well.

on my other gingerbread person, i have written "me", i am
red with funny lips and silver hair. All over this
gingerbread woman, i have written all the qualities that i
realize i need to be working on to be the kind of woman,
and wife, that God would have me be. for example, some
important ones that definitley need work are... "slow to
speak and quick to listen.... patient... gentle
demeanor..." trust me, this is list is looong.

well, these gingerbread people have been a kind of fun
exercise, that anyone can do. as corny as it may sound,
it really makes u have to think, and it can definitley be

have a good one ;)

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