No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-05-30 15:12:53 (UTC)

Well what can I say to make it good for you?

im so sick of crying.
and im so sick of hearing 'im sorry'
grad practice sucked. guess who kerri gets to walk next to? hint:
the girl 'D's got paired w.the boy 'G's...
yup...the one person that makes me wanna cry every time i
so much as look at him. i dont even have anyone to talk
to. i sit next to summer dodge. chris dodge sits in front
of me...kyle hawkins and tim heal sit behind me.
then me and dre got into a fight but thats a story for the
other diary.
i feel so shitty. i need to go clean my room. and call
i dont even want to get drunk now. i know that if i drink
imma be sad-drunk not happy-drunk. this fucking sucks.
i dont feel too good.


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