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2003-05-30 13:08:18 (UTC)

Its 5:53 AM

I have been up since five this morning. I woke up because I
was cold, and now I cant go back to bed. I look at her, and
I just want to cry. Cry because I am going to miss her so
much. Bradly Ghostkeeper died the other night. He was in a
car accident. There was six of them in the car, none were
wearing seat belts. The driver, Karrie Norberg, hit the
guard rail on the Slave Bridge and Brad went out the window
and into the river. Shelena told me about the accident but
they didnt' know who died (police scanner) and she only
knew about three people. Then I talked to my dad on
Wednesday night and he told me. They were just going out to
the beach. Christ we used to to that all the time. You
speed out there as fast as you can, get the best parking
spot and that way you get to pick where you all hang out
(there were other people with them in the cars behind
them). I guess Karrie broke her back, and Gary's daughter
(I cant remember but it's something like Kira or Kyla)
cracked her forehead open. Three of them were thrown from
the car. Its sick to think of things like that. Brad was
the same age as me. It scares me. That town scares me. I
mean look, Jordie died 3 years ago, Chris died just over a
year ago, Brad on Tuesday night. Its sick. To many kids die
in that town. And it scares me to think half of my friends
still live there.
Anyway, on to a different note. I dont want to leave. I
have honostly thought about quitting the job (I havent even
started) and saying fuck it, I am staying at least until
Jess can come with me. I dont want to leave her. She really
thinks that she will come to Ucluelet with me when she is
done school. I hope so. She means the world to me.

Mrs. Fischer is coming to my grad. I asked her way back in
grade 7 if she would and she said if she could then she
would. And she is!!!! Its a big thing for me because I know
how close I was to never reaching that dream or that goal
in my life. And she is going to share that with me and that
really means a lot.

My mom is going to Alberta. They are leaving on the 13th,
the day before the b-b-q for Uncle Geralds aniversarry.
Then on the way back they will be coming for grad. So far
for grad I have (ceremony, dinner, and entertainment) Me,
mom, dad, dave, clayton, grams, *grandma (*I dont know if
she is coming because I am not supposed to know that she is
coming), Justene and Mrs. Fischer. For the people that are
only coming to the Ceremony its Danielle and Becky for
sure, then I have to ask Rob and Diane. So ya
I am really excited

I am done rambling. I was hoping that I might get tired
from writing but it didn't work. I am going to be an idiot
and try and go back to bed. It always makes me more tired
when I do that. I might just go lay next to Jess. This is
the last morning alone I get with her. And I am really
going to miss her.