Book of the Purple Faerie
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2003-05-30 06:10:24 (UTC)

Summer Reformation

Well, it's summertime again, boys and girls!

Nikkie-chan's back in NE... yay...

Actually, 't ain't too bad! I've got a nice nifty big room
now! There's lots of room for my stuff! And for people!
It's cool and I even have a skylight I can look up at the
stars at night! It's 5w337!

Employed again as well... back at Phantom Fireworks. Yea, I
know, I vowed not to return, but it's a lot better this
year! They completely changed the way we check people into
the building! It's all computerized, and all I have to do
is some typing and printing! It's great! And it's so slow
right now that I can read during my shift! I've already
gotten through "Fellowship of the Ring," "Two Towers"
and "Reaper Man." And best of all...


So I'm set for that! First REAL paycheck is next Friday. I
already blew MORE than my first one (it was only for 5
hours) on the second Magic Knight Rayearth manga box set, a
club card to Waldenbooks (I blow enough money there
anyways...) and the first Megatokyo novel for Alex's b-day.
Alex is 21, folks! Congradulate him! But I need to save
more money...

I'm dieting again (it happens every summer, honestly). But
the difference is that this time it's of my own will.
Nikkie needs to get in shape... it's in the worst condition
it's been in ever. So I started the Atkin's diet, and it's
been working quiet well! I've lost 9 lbs so far and I feel
much better about myself! I'm also tanning (Mom is also
very big on tanning), trying to get that "healthy skin"
look. My entire family is behind me 100%; BK has even taken
on the role of my personal trainer! He got my started doing
crunches and even tests me on them, to see how many I can
do in one minute. He's so sweet! Now I do at least 100
every day; today I did 400, and I plan to do 100 more
before I hit the hay, to burn off my celebratory Mike's
Hard Lemonade. I beat FF7!!! After years and years of
owning it! To be honest, it's not my favorite game, but it
was the one that made me get a Playstation. Aeris isn't as
bad as I remember, but the vague plot (especially regarding
the ending) and lack of real character development (in my
opinion) are a big weakness. But it's over now! It was a
lot easier than I thought it would be! Next: THE LUNARS! My
favorite old school games! I gotta dig out my strategy
guides! They are quality reading in themselves!

So this is my summer so far: work, read, diet, tan, video
games. Also...

I want to become a stronger person. Not just physically,
but mentally, intellectually... It's no secret that I get
depressed, but I want to be able to conquer it! I want to
be more self-assured, have more self-esteem and be happy
with the person that I am! I need to... soon, I'll be gone.
No more SRU, hanging out with the crew every single day,
chattin' it up, playing games, watching anime. I don't know
what I'll do without them... I love them all so much! So...
for everyone's sake, I need to be independent and happy. I
feel like I've lost my shine recently, and I'm making it a
point to reclaim it. I'm planning on starting my own manga
soon! But I am very busy, sooo... we'll see what goes!

Right now, what goes is me, 'cause I still have a lot to do
tonight/this morning! I want to finish my MKR manga and
type the letters for my peer mentees and maybe catch an
episode of Trigun! I love stuff ^__^

So ta ta until then! I'll update again later!


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