Diary of an American Witch
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2003-05-30 05:42:51 (UTC)

So the guy and I have gone our..

So the guy and I have gone our seperate ways.

Which is fine really. It was fun while it lasted, and
neither of us took it very seriously, so there is no
emotional hang ups, and we can still be around eachother in
a friendly way. I have to say it was the most mature
parting (I can't really say break up, because we were never
really together.) that I have ever had.
It was nice, because I proved to myself that I can in fact
have a casual relationship with someone without getting too
emotionally involved.

Uck, I have a meeting tomorrow at nine a.m. That means Im
going to have to get up early on a day that I thought was
going to be my day off. *sigh* Oh well. Then I have that
party at five that I have to go to, so tomorrow is going to
be a pretty full day. I wonder if I will get any quiet
time at all. I guess I can sleep when I die.
Wow, what a charming thought. I called Ash today, haven't
talked to her in almost a week because I have been so busy
with the whole end of school thing, but, of course, she
wasn't home. Chad was there, and we talked for a bit, he's
a nice guy, kinda cute, in a quiet sort of way.

My life has taken this turn toward the mundane lately. I
haven't had any real pauses for deep thought or reflection
in a while. I think it's stress. Then again, maybe Im
just taking a break, a girl can't live on Socrates alone.

Well, the time of the waning moon is almost over, and June
is the month of the Summer Solstice, a time for
rededication, and renewal. A time to start again.

I just love new beginnings, don't you?

Happy thinking