"Day-z H"
2003-05-30 03:20:33 (UTC)

"Joy" May 29th, 2003

Jesse's graduation was tonight. It really didn't last that
long...but I got stuck going with my parents and my brother
out to eat. Was wanting to go 2 Alton tonight with
Maia...but I was told I had to be home at 11. By the time
we would of went to her house for a BBQ I would of had to
come right back home. Plus Maia seemed to be in her own
little world so I passed. I don't understand though why my
parents change their mind all the time. They let me stay
with her last time...this time they didn't...the let me
leave the house often...then sometimes they don't for no
reason...now I could understand all the sudden them
changing their minds on letting me do some things...if I
done something wrong lately. I would also understand when I
ask I get a reason why that involves more then a "because".
That's not a reason. Maybe I am just being bitchy because I
didn't get my way...but what did I do wrong...what was the
reason I couldn't. Thought at first...okay I asked to stay
out all night in Alton...maybe the fact my boyfriend lives
in Alton was it...nope....can't be I am over there alone
with for a while during the days...so they can't be worried
about that...alright so I was thinking maybe me being out
after 11 could be the reason...ummm okay...the cops don't
even do shit about that...how is that really a
problem...that is them just bitching...cause sometimes they
let me out later...alright...so maybe it is the fact that
Maia's boyfriend and his friend is there and they don't
know them...but if they let me stay out longer the other
night not knowin if I was with them or not...that don't
seem sane either...alright so the only thing left....they
don't trust me...so fuck it...I haven't got in trouble in a
while...I haven't drank since not the last but the time
before I went with my brother to Westplains...I haven't
snuck out in forever...I try my best to avoid arugements
with them anymore...I make better grades then I have been
making...what the hell...so I use to get in trouble...but I
never really did nothing that bad...hello it is the year
2003...there is A LOT of shit i could get into and there
has ALWAYS been a lot more shit I could get into that I
haven't and won't...oh well...enough bitchin lol...I really
do love my parents...just really don't understand them