Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-05-30 02:57:39 (UTC)

My song!

"On My Way"

Ask me what I want to be, and I will say I will be me
Nothing more and nothing less today cause yesterday you'll
Nothing changes in my world I'm just looking for a thrill
Why does everybody have to be somebody


And I'll be

On my way I'm on my way to getting nowhere
Follow me cause where I go I'll go forever
You can come too, if you want too,
I'll mess you up to if you dare
On my way I'm on my way to getting nowhere

Go to work get out of bed, put a bullet through my head
Cause I would rather be a garbage man you understand
Count the money I don't make as I make my next mistake
Tell your dad I got my future planned I'm in a band


So you're going somewhere
What if you hate it when you get there?
There's more to life your life moves to fast
The breath you take might be your last

This Song is completely about me! I have no ambitions in
life or no goals so its all about me!