heaven key

2003-05-30 02:04:33 (UTC)


o great! my boss has me schedualed a total of 8 whopping
hours next week! i cant even pay my CELL PHONE bill with
that!! what the hell is he thinking. i mean i know that he
is sorta stuck as to what to do , but come on now. find a
fucking floor for me to mop or something. o well . plus im
almost out of pot and i have no clue where ryan is, i am
gonna go insane. anyways this morning i was so fucking
tired, i got up and checked my e mails. i got this chain
letter thingy , and i accidentally sent it along to arturo!
im so freeking stupid its not funny. i tried to unsend it,
but i just couldnt because he had already read it. what
ever, it was a nice prayer thing and i really dont want
him thinking that i want to sned him nice little e mails
because thats so not what i want to do. o well he never
wrote back . thats cool . i wish there was some easy ass
job i could do all day sitting here in my pajammas and
smoking a cigarette. im just too stupid to know where to
start. no one ever sends me feed back. o well that must
mean that no one reads this . well these entries have been
so short lately sorry that i have nothing cool to write

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