2003-05-30 00:18:35 (UTC)

Fuck her

Baby I love you so much, you just drive me up the wall
sometimes. You sit there and say I have to do this, I have
to do that, but what do you do to get it. Everyone who
wants something from life has to work for it. It’s not
going to get handed to you. If you want your car, work for
it, when you hit the roadblocks find away around them. I
know you can do it, you’re a fighter for what you want.
Right now when you leave we won’t be together everyday, you
need to work, so you can get everything your heart desires,
and everything your wallet wants. This job is a great
opportunity for you, and I won’t let you lose it because of
me, you love me, and I love you, so go and love me from
afar. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, for you or me,
but we can do it! I love you so much, so I’m letting go a
little and if we return to each other we know that we are
meant to be. Please let go of me a little bit. And when I
return to you, you will know that all this will be worth it.

Baby I love you so much,

Justene Rae Becker
** Chubs **

Hugs and Kisses**

You know what? I dont have time for this shit. She says I
havent done a fucking thing, thats true. But you know what?
She hasnt fucking payed rent either. I have to hide her
here in order to be near her and its fucking sick. I dont
do anything and sure she did the dishes, once, but you know
what? If she doesnt like it, then go back to your fucking
dads, or your mothers. I dont fucking care. You didnt do
much there either.

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