No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-05-30 00:01:01 (UTC)

Touch ur lips just so I know In ur eyes, love, it glows so Im bare boned & crazy for u When u come crash into me, baby & I come into u

hmm. graduation tomorrow. yay.
im excited but at the same time not.
idk. im wierd.
i glad its finally over but what do i have to
look forward to really?
no boyfriend...not many friends.
lauras getting steve to buy the alcohol for tomorrow
night. not many people coming over-at least, i only
invited a few people. laura & paul, steve, steve, nick & joslyn,
eric, dre, cheeky, alan, ryan, kelly and
angie ...thats about it ...and i doubt even 1/2 of them will
come. thats okay tho...ill get to get drunk! im
really in the mood to drink right now. we still have some
of those lil wildberry jacks in the fridge...mmm...cant
tho. hafta wake up for grad. practice really early in the
morning. not cool. what a long ass day! grad practice at
7am and the ceremony at 7:30...agh. CHS was smarter...they
had practice the day before the ceremony. at least im off
till monday now! damn. i need new cds. i was listening to
my Chris Cornell CD but that was too painful [and im not
getting into that story! :(]. im sick of the few CDs i
have. ...too bad u need money to buy stuff! and it takes
forever to DL CDs. bored so imma go. l8er.


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