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2003-05-29 22:33:55 (UTC)


So, people always tell you to look on the 'bright side'.
Or that a positive attitude makes all the difference. Or
that if you believe it will happen then it will, but if
you believe it won't then you're correct as well.

Is all of this true? Does having a positive attitude
really make life better? I have never, ever, EVER, had a
positive attitude about anything. Okay, well, that's a
lie. Let me rephrase: when I did have a positive attitude
about something, that positivity fell through and I was
disappointed. So I now don't put faith into anything. That
way if it doesn't work out I'm not disappointed and if it
does work out then I'm pleasantly surprised.

My mother tells me that I'm the most pessimistic person
she's ever met. (I prefer the term "realist"). I know that
I look for the disappointment in everything. But...I've
been disappointed so much recently. Would changing my
attitude really help? I'm asking this seriously.

I've always thought that those who eternally see the good
in everything were the most annoying and obnoxious people
on the face of the planet. But are they the people who are
the happiest?


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