All That I Am
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2003-05-29 21:21:08 (UTC)

The Real Me

Today has been freakin' awesome! Not only is it like 70
degrees out and just absolutely fabolous weather but I only
have to work 3.5hrs and then I get to go home and watch
Amazing Race 4 tonight!!! Woohoo! This is my second to last
day at work and I have to admit I'm kinda sorta sad now.
The people I work with are so funny and just laid back and
I really like them. I was suppose to make tatertot
casserole like a week or two ago and I didn't so after
Jennifer and Marena laid the guilt trip on me I decided to
make it and I'll bring it in tomorrow. It'll be cool too
because tomorrow is Clinton's last day so we'll just have a
little lunch party. After that though I have to go to Mum's
house and I was given the option of either doing heavy
lifting or of course I went with cooking. I'm
leaning toward eggrolls right now but who knows. I'm in
such a freakin' good mood today! In a few minutes we're
going to throw a surprise party thingy for Catherine and
Marena. Tomorrow is their birthdays but since they'll be
expecting something tomorrow, Bill (the boss), decided to
give them a surprise party today. I just want some damn
cake and ice cream!

I was kinda stressin' a little because I start my new job
on Monday. Moving is a double-edged sword because on one
end you get to meet new people and be in a new
environment...but on the other end you have to start over
in a new strange place and you don't know anybody. What
makes it worst too is that my fam damily will be leaving so
then I won't know anybody save for my former fellow TARC
staff. I decided a few days ago though to stop worrying
because it's not going to get me anywhere and that this is
a really good opportunity to meet a lot of cool people who
are more my age. At this point I'm a little more excited
then anything because I just want to get it over with and
see how many hot guys work there.....ultimately it's all
about guys, lol....see this is the real me: Happy-go-
lucky, feeling good, boys on the brain, no worries, and just lovin'
life. Later ;o)

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