2003-05-29 20:26:32 (UTC)

Long Day

Yesterday was a long day for John. He worked a 16 hour
shift. He's working another twelve today. It makes it a
long day for me too but John has called me several times
today during his breaks which I enjoyed.

I'm still working on the heart cross-stitch but I think I'll
go back to putting the Hometown USA quilt top together. I also need
to begin quilting on the tops I have finished. I've ordered the new
Patek quilt top kit so I want some out of the way so I have no excuses
to start on it as soon as it arrives.

John's ordered me an extra bowl for my kitchen-aid mixer as
well as a meat grinder attachment so I'm waiting for those
to show up in the mail as well. We get a lot of packages
with the things we order as well as ebay purchases.