Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
2003-05-29 19:42:52 (UTC)

Damn Baby

Hey it's me again. I'm here babysitting one of those fake
babies that cry all the time and are supposed to teach you
about having a kid. I'm babysitting my friend, Ashley's,
and the fricken thing started crying in the end of 6th hour
right b4 i had to go get on the bus. I had to hold the
fricken key in till i got home. How does it teach you about
having a baby when you aren't even taking care of it...AKA
Ashley. Hehe sry hun i no you have an appointment and had
to ride on your dad's motorcycle n i understand i just cant
stand it when this thing cries. Normal babies cry yeah, but
not this much. Normal babies are more fun to take care of.
I thought this was supposed to make you not want a baby. I
still want one, just not this fake thing. Becca, thanx for
helping me when it started crying. Lol, im pretty pathetic.
As soon as it started crying i gave iit up. Lol. He started
crying in the middle of Miss Myllyla screaming at us. Lol,
it was pretty good timing, even tho it didnt stop when it
would have been good. Lol, gotta go. See ya. =)

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