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2003-05-29 18:48:36 (UTC)

8 more days

wow its amazing how you think you're really busy and
therefore don't have time to update, but then when you look
back on those same days you're like sheesh what the heck
was i doing that i was so busy? anyway, thats what i've
felt like this week.... but i've spent a lot of time
reading books when i should be doing a multitude of other
things, so i can't complain...

so...NYC was awesome. it wasnt exactly the sunniest and
warmest days of my life, but it was still new york city.
saw the musical AIDA, which was really cool, the music was
awesome. of course. so of course we had to drive home
monday afternoon, in the rain, awesome way to spend
memorial day, let me tell you. we got home at like 7 and
then i had to spend hourse getting ready for my spanish
presentation, and i had to study for the unit circle quiz
in math. of course, i got a 100 on the unit circle quiz and
a 98 on my presentation, so its all good. maybe there's
some secret to being half asleep...

so what was i so busy with on tuesday? ummm i honestly
don't think there was anything... oh yeah i babysit
elizabeth and watched the braves game. well, obviously i
was just in a slacker mood that night. then last night we
had our banquet for the spanish honors society, into which
of course i got initiated. it was really cool. well, it was
at mi hacienda and most of us thought the food kinda sucked
(they were obsessed with peppers! yuck!) but i talked to
emily yeatts the whole time, who is like the coolest person
ever. we talked about my ewan obsession, and her meeting
different bands and stuff, and smart people... it was great
fun. and then at the end i got to go up and hug mrs myers
(wahoo!) and get an award for getting 7th in the state on
my the national spanish exam. so cool stuff.

im so sick of all this rain. they said on NBC that there
have been all of 6 days this month that it hasnt rained.
that sucks. and i havent had a softball game in forever and
a day. now we're resorting to double headers, at least 2 of
them, next week. of course, thats assuming it doesnt rain
next week too. i think my coaches would cry if that

anyway, i've gotta go to a quick practice for my
piano/singing recital next week... and then i'll go back to
doing nothing! i love the last weeks of school......

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