champagne supernova
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2003-05-29 18:47:44 (UTC)

interesting fait

well for some reason today i woke up with a bit of a sore
throat and i dont know where it came from. probably from
having the fan on ALL NIGHT! but hey it was frickin hot. o
i wake up this mornig to a sore throat and i decided i was
going to go in for half day today. so i hoped online for a
bit. and long and behold bobby is on with his friend kevin
in his comoputer class. and i as talking to both of them
and bobby had to eventually go to class. but his riend
didnt. so i talked to his friend for like 2 hours he acts
alot like bobby, but is like 10 times more cocky and very
harsh/sarcastic. sowe insulted each other back and forth.
and i lost respect or him becausehe didnt seem t understand
why i find cigarettes, drugs and alcohol to be bad, and on
top of that this guy tells me that he has " been trying to
get your boyfriend laid for the past couple wekends."i dont
know this punk but he's gonna get a piece of my mind, and
hes pissed cause bobby wont let him smoke in his room cause
ill be there soon and he knows i hate the
WHO DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS??grr then to top it
off he tells me this like awful secret that he felt he
wanted to tell me, and he made me promise that i wouldnt
even tell bobby. and it was pretty bad. lets just say the
guy has had a rough past. so i felt
so moving on, he had to go, bobbys mom sends me an
im saying that she wants to know all of my flight
information so she canget bobby an airline ticket!!!but she
made me swear i wouldnt tell him! that it was going to be a
suprise!!!!! so now he is comming back with me, he just
ILL HAVE TO KILL U IF U DO! so dont!!! noone tell him~!!!!!!
and now im just waiting to hear the info from his mom,
but its like 11 30, so i have to go to school now!!!
*wonderful day*
lindsay* (*fAnCy*)