The crazy world of me
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2003-05-29 16:07:05 (UTC)


Hey guys!!! It has been forever since I have posted
anything and a lot has happened with in that time. So
Ricky and I have been screwing again its like a once a week
process. It hasn't happened yet this week which is kind of
upsetting but I shouldn't be screwing him anyway so maybe
his family being in town is a good thing. I don't know i
really have some mixed emotions with that kid. It was
weird he started calling me all the time and wanting to
hang out and then I guess I really didn't show any interest
so he kind of let go of it. At least I think he did or it
might just be that his family is town and he hasn't seen
them all in forever so he is spending time with them but I
am not sure what one to think it is. I really want some
Penis though.

Oh and then there is some drama going on in the life of
Michelle. So I had a get together at my house like usual.
It is like an every day process. So at the end of the
night it ended up being just my friends Doug,Sean,Raquel
and myself which is fine but we were all drunk of asses.
So I had to take the trash out so my mom wouldn't get
pissed because I forgot. So I am taking out and Doug jumps
up really fast annd is like I'll help you and I thought no
big deal he is just being nice because he always is to me.
Well, then he decides when we were walking back up to grab
me and kiss me. I know you are thinking okay big deal well
I just so happen to be friends with his girlfriend. Then
he was hold my hands and kissing them and grabbing me and
all kinds of stuff. So I came to the conclusion that him
and sean had some thing going on trying to mess with Raquel
and myself. To bad nothing happened for either one.

So then the next morning I was talking to my sister about
the Doug incident and she comes out and tells me all this
stuff. I found out that both Doug and Sean like me. Which
is no good what so ever for me. One Doug has a girlfriend
and two Sean just broke up with one of my really good
friends and I couldn't do that to her plus I am just not
attracted to Sean but Doug on the other hand is so hot and
I have liked him forever but nothing is going to happen
there unless Jusy just don't want him anymore. Plus he has
an extreamly big penis.

I keep liking these guys that I hang out with which is no
good because they either have girlfriends or they have gone
out with my friend and I couldn't even think about it even
if I wanted to. I really like this guy Jeremy but that my
friends Sarahs boyfriend. I think I just need to go hang
out with some single guys that have no bagage what so ever.
Oh then last night I had people over again and Sean came
over and ended up staying the night. Well, at like 3 in
the morning Raquel,Sean and I went on a walk and he was
flirting really bad. I was just kind of like ummm no. He
freaking tripped me and I bnusted up my knee and elbo the
asshole. It was really funny though. I could go on
forever but I am going to go I think. Bye!!