taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-05-29 05:24:53 (UTC)

why commit suicide?

I realiZe that by-in-large, this world is not meant for
humans. You know, those being who have feelings and shit.
But we can't changhe that. For some reason we are here so
we should make the best of it.

"But how Derrick? How can me, the guy with the fucked up
face make it in this harsh world?"

Well buddy, thats it right there! The corporate whores -
mostly origionating out of North America - create a largely
unattainable ideal of perfection and market it to everyone
else. So, according to the life altering genius' at such
establishments as Ponds, First Choice Hair Cutter's, and
Holt's Health and Beauty Spa, what they got can make YOU
closer to the manufactured ideal. Kind of like the way
American Idol manufactures music through over-hyped
bullshit, but not quite and I digress.

So what do you accomplish by killing youself? You're not to
blame for your situation. You should be embraced for your
uniqueness. And think about it, 98% of hollywood and the
such are composed of bought artificial beauty. The ones
that are to blame are those fucking corporations, reducing
you to comtemplating suicide for the purpose of lining
their already golden pockets. Those greedy mother fuckers.
Injustice with a capital 'I'.

This is a call to everyone who is suicidal. (good thing the
scope of my diary entries is so broad) If you kill
yourself, they win. Don't let that happen. Revolt!
Protest! Throw a brick at a McDonalds window! I garauntee
you will feel better afterwards.


Well I look through
A window and I see
Some people lying
On strange contraptions
Moving their bodies
Up and down
A futile struggle to gain perfection

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah
And I wonder
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
And I walk down and wonder
How in hell now this could be

And I find it amusing in a way
This pointless waste
Of human power
You pay to be strapped
To a machine
The price you pay
To gain perfection

One time, one more time
You keep repeating,
Keep repeating
Till you get a cramp
Until you get a cramp

- No Fun At All "Perfection"