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2003-05-29 02:45:10 (UTC)

I cant do this anymore

I dont know what I cant do, but I know I cant do it. Jess
is getting upset because she feels like I have 3
girlfriends. Of course there is She will always
be the love of my life no matter what happens. Then there
is Danielle. She is scared, of what I am not sure. But she
keeps telling me that she is scared because me and Danielle
are such good friends. No offence to Danielle but you are
not my type of woman ;-) (your boobs are too small). I dont
know what she is thinking about Danielle and me. God, I
dont know. Then there is Julia. I dont know what Jess is
thinking about that. I mean I know she has mixed feelings
only because she thinks Julia has the hots for me. I could
be stupid, but I dont see it like she does. I am excited
about this weekend while at the same time I am terrified. I
mean I wont live in a HOUSE with all the doors locked
alone. Now I am going to live in Ukee alone. YIKES! I just
got a hold of Barry. Thank God.