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2003-05-29 02:38:42 (UTC)

Nag Mail

That's what the automatic reminder for my-diary.org says.
Nag mail. I kinda like that. Nag mail. Hmm.

Okay, well. I haven't been writing lately, though no one
seems to have noticed. My computer did something strange
and I lost my C drive. Not my idea of fun. The only thing
that I'm relatively upset about losing is my resume
because I hate writing it. I don't know why, I just do.

Work.....well, the old manager left and there is a temp
guy there now who won't talk to me. I think it's cause I'm
not fuckable in his eyes. Which is both a good and bad
thing (not being fuckable that is). But I just can't stand
it there anymore. It once was bearable. Now it's not.

*sigh* I'm still looking for another job. I'd like to find
something to do with my life. I'd like to have a life for
that matter.

My cousin who is a year younger than me is being flown
about the country by AT&T to drive to certain coordinates
to call AT&T engineers to ask "can you hear me now?" I kid
you not. I think that would be a really cool job actually.

I also discovered yesterday that a friend of mine, a very
good friend in fact who is exactly 4 hours older than I
am, is engaged. I don't really know how to take that. I
don't want to be engaged right now, but I can't help but
feel that there is some secret to being happy and having
the life you want that she happened to find. How come I
can't find it?

I will be in Boston in July.

This has all been very random.


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