No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-05-29 02:26:56 (UTC)

and the pain still lingers...

i read most of it.


that diary i told u about...?

my god...he's brilliant

have u ever read something and for that split second
after, u were in awe? it struck u right in that spot that
made u go 'wow...fucking brilliant!'


whats new? was senior clearance. fun fun. i
cashed the checks from mike&loraine and my aunt angie (whos not
really my aunt btw). then i went to alans house for a lil
bit :). we watched conan. lol. work 1:15-5:15. me monica
and laura had an appointment for our ID badges at the
courthouse at 2 so we got to leave at 1:30. after we took
those dumbass pics, we went downstairs and i paid my [most
recent] ticket. then we had to stop at the DMV place on 98
so my license wont get suspended lol. we got back to work
at like 3:30...woohoo 2 hours! lol...monica asked julie 'u
took ur sats right? whatd u get?' and she said 1370...shes
such a liar...laura said that thats a diff. # then the 1st
2 times she told her. oh well...even if that is right, i
still did better than the condescending bitch!...1380 :(
[not great!]. then she was like 'well how much did it
cost?' {'like $35'}hahaha{'but u only really need it if ur
going for bright futures!'} then i walked up and was
like 'really? and here i thought u needed it to get into
college!' agh. she also told mon that if she doesnt get
promoted this summer shes quiting. damn-why couldnt she do
that last summer when i woulda benefited from it?! lol.
enough about all that tho. umm...i wish i had someone to
do something w.right now!

i started a different diary...somewhere else. this one
is...well sorry but its too public. this is fine for just
babbling to u ppl about all the stupid shit in my life
that everyone knows anyways but...well...whats the point
in a diary if ur writing it TO someone else? its
censored...i dont like that very much! i needed somewhere
to write EVERYTHING.

i really wish i could write. like real good
writing! lol
oh a loser! lol