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2003-05-29 01:54:21 (UTC)


So I called Teresa today since it's her birthday and I did
want to see how she was doing. Last I checked she wanted to
move out with the guy she fell in love with as soon as she
hit 18. I wanted to know if she went through with it. When
I called though, (twice,) the same annoying woman picked up
and said I got the wrong number.

I examined the candy cane in my bookbag which reminded me
of her on my daily commute to school. I pondered should I
finally throw it away. It's about 1/2 a year old. It
reminded me of her though. It has become a sign of our
friendship to me. I wish she knew how much our trip to the
cafe's meant to me when she was in town. Even though
everything was different, she was there. Now I might not
have a best friend. I'll reject the thought pherhaps until
I go off to college and find myself a stable pack. Yes
that's just what I need. No more dips in my life. I need a
stable friend. A few stable friends. Where are my friends.
It's kinda like that sweet semi country song, where have
all the cowboys gone. Except, slightly more bitter. Candy
cane's are suppose to be sweet though. Their suppose to
have such an intoxicating taste to them that you stick to
it, even though you're not to sure you want to at times,
and you may feel overwhelmed by all the suger that, that
little stick holds, but when you're done with it, or should
I say, it's done with you, you can hardly believe it's true.
Damn. I'm kinda volnurable right now. It's like I need her
shoulder to cry my eyes out on about her leaving. But she's
not there. Then again, I knew that eventually it would come
to be.

I'm getting poetic here, so I'm gonna try to go. Unless I
just put in a few sentences about dude, and how I might be
able to see him tomorrow. Tomorrow is the pizza party for
the cast so afterwards yesenia and I might visit her
grandma's to see if you know who is there. Bye

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