Montana bound
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2003-05-29 01:40:36 (UTC)

Walk the walk

Well, I've told everyone that I'm going to stay in high
school, and they're all really glad for me. Now I've just
got to prove to them that I can actually do it.
I have no illusions about it being easy, but if it means
I get to take part in drama next year, it will be well
worth it. I've definitely got to take drama into
consideration as a career. I can honestly say nothing has
ever driven me to succeed even half as much as drama has,
and I don't enjoy anything, even hunting, half as much as I
do acting. It's simply the greatest thing I've ever
experienced. I know, I'm repeating myself, but it's my
journal, I may do as I please.
Anyway, I suppose it's time to get cracking. I'm sure
there's no way I can save most of my classes this year, but
I'm going to have to sign up for internet classes this
summer, and hopefully I can do summer school, too. It's
going to suck, but I'm so far behind that convenience is no
longer a factor, not if I really want to graduate. I do.
As I've said before, if I don't, I can't do the plays next
year. That, I will NOT allow.

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