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2003-05-29 00:34:46 (UTC)

job predicament

I'll ask for feedback from you all out there on this one.

There is a girl at work who lies and cheats to get her
sales and boost her paycheck. she has had 4 so-called FINAL
warnings already for the SAME issue. They have neglected to
fire her. I am up to be put on a 2 week plan to make sales
or be fired.

every week someone who works HARD and tries, but doesn't
make sales is fired or made to quit. I'm not sure I can
ethically continue working under this boss who is showing
blatant favoritism to this other employee. 5 chances on the
same issue would be way too many I think.

I can go tell Human resources my problem and quit if she
isn't fired, or i can continue working in this blatantly
unhealthy environment.